'l'he SDA Settll), 
and Management 
As an overview, ASDA Provider Group will 
manage the SDA Property for the Investor and 
cover all costs associated with: 
Prolicies and Procedures 
Periodic Audits 
periodic Income Reporting 
Landscaping, Maintenance and Defects 
Locating and Maintaining Participant 
Locating and maintaining SDA tenants 
is a key risk factor to be considered 
by investors considering investing into 
SDA property. However, ASDA Provider 
Group acts on the investors behalf to 
remove this risk. It's in ASDA Provider 
Group's best interest to place tenants 
as the investor will not pay ASDA 
Provider Group for their services until 
participants are found. 
The complexities of identifying 
and securing tenants for new SDA 
properties are mitigated by the ASDA 
provider group as we align with SIL 
providers across the country to ensure 
that tenants have approved NOIS plans 
that include SDA approval and limit the 
exposure to possible vacancies. 
Participant and Family Management 
Supporting and upholding NDIS 
Participants' rights and responsibilities 
Actively managing conflicts of interest 
ASDA provider Group is the chosen SDA 
Management Provider due to their holistic 
approach which will guide the investor now, 
and for the next 20+ years. 
NDIS Care Services Management 
Establishing and Maintaining SDA 
Once a dwelling is registered as 
an SDA property there are ongoing 
requirements for the physical 
maintenance of the property as 
well as requirements in line with 
Quality and Safeguarding framework 
that are currently a state- by-state 
transitional approach. Some of the 
key requirements for ongoing SDA 
registration include the following: 
Provider to have a third-party 
accredited Quality and Safeguarding 
manual, procedures and policies, 
and maintain records Of the 
systems use. 
Procedures for both urgent and 
routine maintenance requirements 
requested by the tenant. 
An annual declaration regarding 
maintenance and servicing attesting 
that the property remains in a 
suitable condition and details of any 
works performed that result in a 
change to registration category. 
Tenancy agreement that complies 
with the requirements of the NDIA. 
By engaging ASDA Provider Group as the SDA 
manager, for the Investor these risks are 
effectively underwritten by the ASDA provider 
Group giving the Investor peace of mind.