Investor Requirements 
Completes an SDA EOI which requires the 
Investor to do the following: 
pay the Initial $1,000 Land Deposit 
Pay the Initial $1,000 Build Deposit 
Provide Drivers Licence or Passport 
Provide a Registered Business Entity 
Must have sufficient cash funds to be able 
to pay: 
5% Land Deposit to the Developer 
5% Build Deposit to the Builder 
Allowance for SDA Upgrades 
Enter into an agreement 
engage ASDA Provider Group to under 
take the Steps required for the SDA 
property to be registered. 
Enter into the SDA Management Agreement 
with ASDA Provider Group to manage 
the SDA property on behalf of the Investor 
The Investor/purchaser/s enter into a Standard 
House and Land Sales Process to purchase the 
SDA property with the addition of: 
Once the Contract becomes unconditional 
and the land settlement occurs, ASDA 
Provider Group will on behalf of the 
Start promoting the home to Service 
Providers & Participants 
Complete the relevant compliance 
process to prepare for the SDA Regis- 
Once the land and build deposits have been 
paid, and land settlement has occurred, the 
construction of the dwelling will commence. 
Once practical completion is reached, ASDA 
Provider Group will conduct the final audit, 
enrol the SDA with the NDIA and install the 
furniture. From here participants (tenants) 
will be ready to move into their new home.