Supply and Demand 
On 30 June 2019, some 13,309 participants (4.5 per cent of all 
participants) had SDA supports in their plans, With the total 
number of SOA participants increasing by 7.7 per cent in the 
previous quarter and 50.3 per cent in the previous year'. It is 
important to note that there is no cap on the number Of SDA 
participants and all participants that meet the requirements will 
receive SDA funding4. 
The SOA scheme has been designed to address the chronic under- 
supply of suitable high quality housing for participants and as a 
result Supports a new form of capital funding that provides an 
income stream to an investor who has constructed or purchased 
a SDA property. Driving the scheme forward it is open for any 
Investor seeking the potential for very attractive gross investment 
yields in the region of 8-15% Netts, through positive ethical and 
socially responsible investment, all While retaining the capital 
benefit that residential housing provides 
Australians receiving 
SDA support 
1 year 
QA 201B 
QA 2019 
receiving NDIS 
At the commencement of 2019, over 250,000 Australian's were 
receiving support under the game changing scheme' (this 
number jumped by 66,000 from June 2018'). 
With this continual increase, by 2020 the federal 
government will be providing $22 Billion a year to 
over 460,000 Australian's2. 
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Growing a Strong and Successful SDA market that enhances 
participant choice and control will require constructive 
communication between the market, participants, 
Commonwealth and state and territory governments, and 
the WIA. 
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