How is the investor paid? 
The SDA payment is paid in two components: 
The SDA subsidy makes up most Of the 
payment and is paid directly from the NDIA 
(the federal government) to the investor. 
These payments will continue for a period 
of up to 20 years. 
The Reasonable Rent Contribution (RRC) 
is the smaller component paid directly 
from the tenant and collected by the ASDA 
Provider Group on behalf of the investor. 
HOW much is the initial deposit? 
In addition to the standard 5% Build Deposit 
and 5% Land Deposit, the investor will need an 
allowance to cover the SDA upgrades which 
will be dependent on the design category of 
the SDA dwelling, location and bank valuation. 
Lastly the investor will need to cover 30% of 
the Furniture Package at Fixing Stage. 
Land: $300,000 
Build: $400,000 
Furniture: $30,000 
EOI Initial Deposit: $1,000 
Balance 5% Land Deposit: $14,000 
5% Build Deposit: $20,000 
Approx. SDA Allowance: $38,000 
Total Deposit: $73,000 
Build Progress Payments: 
Base: 15% ($60,000) 
Frame: 20% ($80,000) 
Enclosed: ($100,000) 
Fixing: 20% ($80,000) + $9,000 (30% of the 
Furniture Package) 
practical Completion: ($60,000) + $21,000 
(70% Balance of Furniture Package) 
When do the SDA Payments 
As soon as the participant moves into the 
property. It is only paid while a participant 
resides in the dwelling or, in very limited cases, 
for a period after a vacancy arises (outlined 
How does the investor receive income 
from the SDA property? 
Smaller Portion of the income is paid by 
the participant fortnightly to ASDA Provider 
Group as the SOA property manager. 
Largest portion Of the income is paid 
directly to the Investor by the NDIA. 
How does an Investor become a SDA 
ASDA Provider Group prepares the application 
and compliance for each investor — guiding 
them through the whole process from EOI, 
to construction completion and through the 
following 20 years. 
How long will the scheme be covered? 
For the construction Of new SDA property, 
payments will continue for a period of up to 20 
years as long as the SDA property continues to 
meet the NDIA'S compliance and maintenance 
requirements. After 20 years, the SDA property 
will revert to receiving "established stock" 
What is On-site Overnight Assistance? 
The On-site Overnight Assistance (OOA) space 
is used by support staff who provide support 
services overnight to participants living in the 
same dwelling that contains the OOA space 
or in a near-by dwelling. The investor will only 
be paid the OOA amount should their property 
have the additional space. 
What is an Additional Breakout Room? 
Only dwellings that are in the Robust Design 
Category can have an additional breakout 
room. A breakout room is a separate room 
designed to respond to the individual disability 
related needs of the participant. It is not a 
study or living/dining area but is intended to 
be dedicated and used to enhance Learning, 
exploration or positively impact mood. These 
rooms would, therefore, be expected to make 
use Of activities, equipment, sound and lighting 
in way•s that are appropriate to the current