Migrating to Australia? Know the Facts

6 November 2013 - If you’re considering migrating to Australia, there are some very important things to factor in before you make the decision to move.

DID YOU KNOW? Your South African credit rating does NOT follow you into Australia

That’s right. No matter how good your credit rating is in the country you’re coming from – once you step foot in Australia as a migrant, you will have to start afresh

Benefits of Investing in Australian Property

5 November 2013 - Out of all the methods available today to supplement your income and diversify your funds, investing in property is still one of the more stable, flexible and lucrative approaches – especially if you’ve got the know-how on your side to really capitalise on it. For foreign investors looking into this opportunity, Australia has long been marked as one of the best places to invest owing to its stable economy, well-established legal and property buying system and the significant tax incentives offered on investment properties for rental purposes.

Australia ranked the world’s happiest nation

4 September 2013 - The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has ranked Australia as the Worlds Happiest Nation for the 3rd year in a row.

The Better Life Index is compiled by the OECD with the annual survey ranking more than 30 developed countries on criteria such as health, safety, housing and income levels.

Why now is a good time to invest in the NSW Central Coast

13 August 2013 – The NSW Central Coast property market is gaining increased investor attention with many properties still under $500,000.

Herron Todd White’s market review which focused on investment opportunities under $500K says, “You might be surprised at the benefits of buying here".

PR Australian Properties has had the Central Coast area on our recommended buying list for over a year now and in particular, the Wyong local government area. The HTW report backs this up suggesting investors “to look into the northern end of the region, included in the Wyong local government area where real estate prices are as diverse as the properties found there”.


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