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Migrating to Australia?

Move in the right direction. Get a FREE report on just how much you can benefit from owning an investment property before making the all-important move to Australia.

Investing in Property?

Discover how to reduce tax in Australia. Get this FREE report on how owning an Australian investment property can reduce your tax – whether you’re migrating or not

Need finance while living abroad?

Find out how to apply for finance for an Australian investment property while still living abroad. Get a FREE report on how it works and what you should look out for…


Anyone can buy Australian Real Estate – but it takes specialist local

knowledge to invest well

There is no such thing as a single Australian property market or a standard property investment solution – Australia is a diverse country made up of different areas that will perform differently to each other at different times, making the decision of where and how to invest at the right time in the right place for the right reasons, a lot more complex than a lot of our customers thought.

PR Australian Properties is a family-owned and run company. Our goal is to help other families choose safe and profitable property investments. There is a lot to consider and you will hear lots of opinions – we base our recommendations on fact. Whether you’re buying your first Australian property or adding to your existing Australian property investment portfolio, our specialist local knowledge, proven success strategies and inside industry contacts will ensure that you make the most informed decision for your needs. Our on-going research of the various property markets in Australia allow us to identify which areas will offer you the most profitable returns over time, and source the best projects for those looking to put their funds in a safe, stable environment.

Our family is committed to helping other families prosper by sharing our knowledge and resources with them.

Client Testimonials

  • We were on holiday on the Gold Coast from Sydney and had the good fortune of meeting with Jenese in 1985 and bought our first investment property from her then. Since then, we have referred our own family and they all sing her praises. If you are looking to invest in property then you cannot go wrong with the research that Jenese and Mike do on an on-going basis.

    Elaine Wilson
  • We definitely got more than a property when we met the Malones 8 years ago, a team of professionals who continue to assist us. They are down to earth people who stand by their word and mean what they say – no beating about the bush. We bought a property, sight unseen, on their recommendation, and have had no regrets. Our move to Australia was made so much easier by having taken that step.

    The Viljoen Family
    Now living in Australia and loving it

  • It is a pleasure to do business with such honest, professional and friendly people. You can rely upon what they say and have confidence in any property you invest in. It is a pleasure to do business with such honest, professional and friendly people. We are happy to recommend Jenese and Michael to anyone wishing to invest in property in Australia.

    Eddy & Janetta Reitsma

  • In 1993, we met the Malones in Singapore and confidently invested in Queensland property they were marketing. They took the time to explain that what was important in our country and culture, was not necessarily relevant with Australian property choices. They have become good friends and are ‘shiok’ for us & Okay Lah!!

    Albert & Grace Lime